Forensic Science – a very short introduction

‘Well written and accessible… [and] does not shy away from the various controversies that have come to plague the discipline of forensic science in recent years.” Professor David Wilson, author of My Life With Murderers

‘This no-nonsense guide is an admirable alternative to the CSI science fiction juggernaut… Fascinating.’ (William Darragh, Fortean Times)

“Does exactly what it says on the tin, with clarity, authority, and élan.”  

Paul Roberts, Professor of Criminal Jurisprudence

“… provides a clear and exciting glimpse into the world of forensic science as a realm of complex activity at the interface of science and law. The reader is held spellbound by references to famous criminal cases …as well as to popular movies such as … ‘‘Pulp Fiction’’. The book is enjoyable and delightful to read, and … easily be grasped … even by non-expert readers.”   (Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology)

Synopsis: Examines what forensic science is, how it is used in the investigation of crime, and the principles and processes of crime scene management. It also considers how forensic science serves the criminal justice system and the challenges of communicating complex scientific evidence.

Fully updated to include new developments in DNA profiling, toxicology and digital forensics

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